mom, remember when you used to braid my hair like this, you would make me into an instant princess.....and i adored it. 
i love you, happy happy fete des meres xx


how beautiful are these wall coverings made by the paris based design studio minakani walls. where in my house could i put the peacocks or the cloudsi think i will wait for the grubby little fingers who live with us to grow up a bit. 

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bright idea

it is way too late to get in depth but this light is awesome....
photo from design sponge
lamp made by this dream team

good night.......


la fete de meres

my head is full of ideas for our mothers day party over at La Combe du Jardinier and some how every time i scroll through a blog there is even more inspiration to get me all giddy, i love organizing events and what better thing to celebrate than motherhood?

flowers are obviously a must but shall i go potted or wild and how about a little pom pom on a twig diy that i found on the cutest little blog casita wendy. i think on a small scale they would make a perfect broach (?)....speaking of broaches and pins these butterfly hair pins from joanna's blog a cup of jo made my heart go a flutter

not to mention that yellow dress and the berries and vanilla, citrus mascarpone that the jewels of ny  whipped up for her mothers day brunch.

oh the ideas are endless.     


covet garden

i love opening my mail box to find the latest issue of covet garden, it's a little treat that always brightens my day. it's refreshing to skim the pages full of real people and their amazingly creative homes. you can check out their blog and sign up for their mailing list to receive their monthly issues, you won't be disappointed.   


wine. bottles. corks & screws

i saw this majorly cool cork screw over at the wonderful design cool would i feel opening one of our red wines for guests on our tours this summer with this beautiful little gadget! 
the cork screw is available at anthropologie and our wine is available here, i personally think they make a perfect mach.

Wine totes

I made a bunch of wine totes to sell in our tasting room, this is just one of the designs. I am thinking about opening up an etsy shop, what do you think?